Contact Lenses

We are committed to fitting you with the contact lenses needed to not only correct your vision but provide you with ultimate comfort. Included in every contact lens evaluation are your initial pair of diagnostic lenses, contact lens solution and a storage case.

Soft contact lenses

Often the most comfortable and easy to adjust to, these contacts are made of a flexible plastic that allows oxygen to pass through the contact to the cornea.

Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses

These lenses are more durable than soft lenses, though they may take a few weeks to become accustomed to wearing. Often less expensive than the soft lenses, the RGP contact lenses are more likely to resist deposit buildup.

Extended wear contact lenses

Like the soft contact lenses, the extended wear contacts are flexible and allow oxygen to pass through easily. These contacts are for wear or continuous daily wear.

Disposable contact lenses

These contact lenses are also soft and flexible, and are typically used for one day then thrown away.

Decorative contact lenses

These contact lenses do not correct vision, but instead change the appearance of the eye's color.

Contact Lense Information

You must have a contact lense exam administered by a doctor. Contact wearers do the run the risk of having dry eyes, discomfort, and if not maintained correctly can damage your eyes. Even those who have been wearing contacts for a long time should have yearly exams done to make sure their eyes are staying healthy. The health of your cornea will be examined during these exams using a biomicroscope. This lighted instruments gives a magnified view of your cornea to the doctor to evalutate its health and to see if your eyes are experiencing any changes due to the wearing of the contact lenses.

After the initial exam, there will be trial contacts given, and the doctor will examine your eyes again to make sure that the lenses are fitting your eyes well. If you find a match then the doctor will give you a contact lense prescription. This prescription will show your contact lens power, shape and diameter that matches your eyes. Once you order and receive your contacts, we ask that you make sure they are fitting well and if you have any needs or questions please do not hesitate to call us!

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